Saturday, August 25, 2007

Serbia's Party system

Žarko Korač
One needs only read Nikolaj Velimirović to see why these people like him so much [see following articles, and Bosnia Report new series 32-34, p.43]. Velimirović spoke out against Western civilisation, Western culture, said that the French Revolution was decadent because by endorsing the rights of man it had destroyed the natural order. It is enough to read the main ideologue of the Serb Orthodox Church to see how much he hates modern civilisation. It is all crazy, in fact, but this is the credo of our governing circles. Koštunica is trying to reconcile this idea with the process of integration into Europe, which is impossible. His impotence derives from the fact that he is attempting to join together two incompatible things. His heart and mind are on the side of anti-Western rhetoric, anti-democratic traditions and institutions, while at the same time he knows he has no real alternative to joining the West.

Dubravka Stojanović:
We pretend to be terribly clever and wise when addressing the international community. We think we can trick them by sending a message that we are not in the least interested in the world, and that the isolation of the 1990s was largely due to our own will

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