Saturday, August 25, 2007

Policies of inat and sevap

All this irresistibly recalls the Serbian state’s interventions in other ‘Serb lands’, especially those across the Drina. Nationalist Belgrade everywhere first encouraged local Serbs to revolt, then distributed arms to them and sent them army and police officers and volunteers. The rebellion, of course, did last for a while, but the epilogue is known in all its disaster: wherever the Belgrade nationalists intervened, there are no longer any Serbs. If this madness continues in the case of Kosovo Mitrovica, few of them will remain there either.
I have written on a number of occasions about the ‘sleepers’ who remained in Kosovo after the withdrawal of the Serbian security forces, to be re-activated at a prescribed time.


François said...


François said...

I remember reading that there are some 6,000 hidden Serbian policemen and paramilitaries in Kosovo, in violation of the Kumanovo agreements of June 10, 1999.
Remember that, of the 19 people killed in March 2004, 11 were Albanian.

eni said...

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