Sunday, August 26, 2007

Serbian Fascistic Anti Semitism

"Yet respect must be given to the present German Führer who, as a simple craftsman and a man of the people has seen that nationalism without a faith is an anomaly, a cold and unreliable mechanism. And see, in the 20th century, he has come to the idea of Saint Sava, and as a layman undertaken for his own people that most important of tasks, which befits only a saint, a genius and a hero."

In July, 1942 Jews from Leskovac, Zajecar and Jagodina were brought to Nis. The men were immediately shot at Bubanj, and the women and children taken to the Sajmiste. In parallel with the physical destruction of the Jewish people, the Germans and the Serbian quisling government organized the theft of all Jewish property. So that the theft should be the more effective, an order was first of all proclaimed requiring the registration of all companies the owners of which were Jews:

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