Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kosovo the ultimate myth

Ever since Martti Ahtisaari made his plan public, we have been hearing the most unbelievable pronouncements coming from Serbian officials concerning Kosovo’s future status. Whether ‘imaginative’ or ‘threatening’, they have the following in common: they are formulated in such a way as to prepare public opinion for a Serbian refusal to accept the international community’s decision.

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François said...

At he end of the original article by Dubravka Stojanović's in "Helsinška povelja", there is a final paragraph which the "Bosnia Report" failed to translate, and it was well worth translating, since it refers to our old friend Dobrica Ćosić, the "Father of the Serb nation" and former token President of he so-called "Federal republic of Yugoslavia"

"All this is why I am beginning to think that Dobrica Ćosić was right. Now I think that his formula that Serbia won in wars but lost in peace is correct. Only, it wasn't because of the 'unfairness of the Great powers' as he understood it, but because it couldn't attach to itself 'what it had gained at war' through a clever, reasoned and civilized policy. It hasn't been able to 'adopt' what it had 'conquered'."

So it turns out that what was intended as another Serb "patriotic" lie was finally right, for reasons a pseudo-nationalist Serb would be unwilling to acknowledge while a normal Serb sees it readily.