Thursday, March 20, 2008

Serbia's Secret War----Propaganda and the Deceit of History

"Philip Cohen’s book provides a useful counter to current myths about Serbia’s history during the Second World War. By detailing the reality of past Serbian national socialism and anti-Semitism he allows us to understand more clearly the mentality which has been at work in Belgrade, and so the roots of today’s Yugoslavian tragedy."
—Lady Margaret Thatcher,
House of Lords, former British prime minister
An entire piece of Serbian history is missing. And in the middle of the latest Yugoslav war - Europe's worst blood bath since World War II - Serbian politicians, propagandists, and revisionist historians have made a cynical attempt at replacing the missing piece by rewriting the Holocaust record. They claim that Serbs were not Nazi collaborators in genocide, but purely victims of the same atrocities that befell the Jews; and that Serbian aspirations for a Greater Serbia are not driven by a murderous, nationalistic hatred, but rather are propelled by a victim's desire to lay claim to a safe homeland, a Serbian Promised Land. Thus has the current spilling of blood been justified. Philip J. Cohen argues that the existence of such a propaganda campaign, emanating from Belgrade, began in the earliest days of the post-World War II era and, since then, has been reflected in the world media, as well as in popular commentary and scholarly analysis. More astonishing is that this campaign has been widely successful, particularly in Israel. Remarkable for its broad portrayal and penetrating examination of the Yugoslav social and political experience, Serbia's Secret War draws heavily on documents that have been previously unavailable to the West. Some of the written record has been translated and is published here for the first time. Destined to be regarded as an important contribution to the field, Cohen's careful study of the Serbian role in the Second World War will dramatically alter how scholars, policy makers, and the general public view the bloodshed in the former Yugoslavia - and how they will come to understand the reasons behind it.
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Kae said...

I generally say that 90 percent of what the Serbs say about Kosovo is a lie.
But this article "Scanderbeg was a Serb", about the Serb lies against the Albanians throughout the ages, compiled by "normal Serb" Olivera Milosavljević for the radio program Peščanik, might force anyone to revise this assessment... upwards