Monday, November 19, 2007

Serbian Gall & Vomit continues


Peshkatari said...

You gotta "love" (NOT!) the Serbian National(Social)ists and their useful idiots....most National(Social)ists are stupid to begin with, but at least they're usually clever enough not to play their "true hand" so openly. But not these guys! They make it abundantly clear that they're not only racist against Albanians, but Mexicans, too!


P.S. Thanks for putting the picture of Puffi back up! He's one cool little dude. :D

Albiqete said...

Someone send me an e-mail about the picture with the yellow cross.
Someone that knew the Jewish story took a camera and a piece of wood and made up a story about German KFOR exterminating the Serbs
The absurdity has no limit when it comes to these people. They know no limit. I feel sorry for them but I have to salute them for their egoism and egocentrism.
P.S. that little dude is a fierce one