Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My own take on Serbian propaganda

Before I start, I will explain and pledge few things to whoever will read this blog
I will keep this topic an open topic as my free time permits
I sincerely state that I hold no hate toward Serbian people even though most of them who personally met or encountered in Internet show an innate hate toward us Albanians
I never will generalize about them as they do toward us.
I will try to resolve if I could THE QUESTION
Why they hate us?
Until this moment that I write, I have not come up with a reasonable explanation why they hate us. I ask myself is our religion? is our culture? is our language? What else can be?
I will allow any comment even it can be derogatory toward anyone even though this can be ethically not acceptable to everyone to show that how deep this hate is. Unless we find out the real disease we cannot have a good prognosis.
Why I write in this blog
A few things happen in my life, which made me, involved with the Kosovo question.
First, right after the war of 1999, I worked in Kosovo for a few years and I am very familiar with its inhabitants, problems, costumes, and its physical territory.
Second, my wife is from Kosovo. (A section of what really happens to her family and friends while under Serbian rule even though she is tired of the subject).
Third, while working there I run in contact with the hate of Serbians toward Albanians. I also saw Albanian hate toward Serbs. This is not contestable
Fourth, I will continue my master degree for political science / history so this subject is close to my hart.
So here are


I--VICTIMIZATION --- Serbs constructed themselves collectively as “VICTIMS” by
· Croats
· Albanians
· Bosnians
· Non- Serbs


· Croats “Genocidal” or “Ustase
· Albanians “Not fully human”
· Bosnians “Fanatical fundamentalists”
· Non- Serbs “Surplus”

This dehumanization made possible to killing or expulsion of “others”, as they are not worth living or it was not morally wrong to kill or exterminate them.

III—BELITTLEMENT Serbian’s enemies were beneath contemptible


“Other States”
Are united to hurt Serbia and as a result
Belgrade Obstinate disregarding fundamentals for International law and as result
Serb heroic defiance to anti-Serb conspiracy

V—ENTITLEMENT Motto “All Serbs should live in same state”

Part of Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo will be attached to Serbia


Serbs were told they were “super”. They were
· Best fighters on planet
· Stood up to the entire world
· Sanctioned by god himself
Because Lazar have chosen the heavenly kingdom and as result
Then Serbs were entitled to the earthy kingdom chosen by Lazar as their patrimony

Well I 'm finding an simple answer to my question why they hate us

I think they hate everybody here in Balkan not just us Albanians.


bob said...

Thank you for your input. I suggest you look at all the facts and the current situation before you naively cast only the Serbs as hate mongers.

In 2003 I had the thrill of visiting my ancestral homeland with my church choir through the invitation of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle. Part of our tour took us into Kosovo where we visited three, centuries old monasteries; Grachanica, Visoki Decani and Pec. We were unarmed civilians on a pilgrimage but we could not have attempted this journey without the protection of a 14 man heavily armed NATO military escort.

The visit started out uneventfully at Grachanica and we moved on to Decani. There we were greeted by the Italian guards at the gates of the monastery protecting the Monks that live in peace on the Holy Land.

We were greeted warmly and ultimatley sat down to a luncheon hosted for us by the Monks. Our lunch was disturbed by gunfire that was directed over the walls of the monastery.

We then embarked to Pec, the orignal See of the Serbian Orthodox Church. After a brief visit of 30 minutes, our NATO guards insisted that we move along as the town was filling with angry Albanians. Our bus was pelted with stones and other debris, vulgarities and other indiginities. Our bus slowly moved the throng of people that we can only presume to be from the local chamber of commerce greeting another tour bus.

My fundamental question to you is:

1. When did the Albanian majority convert to Crhistianity? The Monasteries I visited are Christian houses of worship and were built dating back to the 1300's. Since Albanians claim Kosovo as Albanian land, one can only assume that they built these Holy places.

2. As you can ascertain from our reception in Pec, it is clear that hate is not merely one sided as you assert.

Based on the tenor of your posting, you seem like the type of individual that disputes the reality of the Holocaust. Please check your facts before you repeat the irresponsible statements and arguments presented in your post.

Albiqete said...

I am sorry to disappoint you BoB-vic
I am half-Jewish

losttext said...

Bob says : "When did Albanian majority convert to Christianity? The monasteries I visited are Christian houses of worship and were built dating back to 1300s"

- Albanians converted to christianity soon after the Roman Empire had adopted it as its official religion, c. 4th or the 5th century.

- As per your reception in Peja, don't act surprised; never in history the occupied has loved the occupier. Hate exists on both sides; it is the causes of it that make the difference, don`t you think?